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Simplicity Hemp

Simpli Dream

Simpli Dream

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Are sleepless nights keeping you awake? Simpli Dream is the answer you've been searching for, featuring a delicious wine flavor and a blend of CBN, CBC, CBD, and THC, perfect for a tranquil night's rest.

Sip your way to relaxation without the worry of hangovers, as Simpli Dream brings you the finest in cannabinoid benefits without the morning-after woes. With 2.5mg of THC per serving, it's your ticket to peaceful slumber.

Every 1ml serving of Simpli Dream is packed with 40mg of CBN, CBC, CBD, and THC. Start with just half a serving (0.5ml) to tailor your experience.

Embrace the sweet taste of relaxation. Try Simpli Dream and drift into a serene dreamland tonight.

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